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  • No categories Identity Theft Protection at the next level. Do NOT just get a Monitoring Service

Most services offer credit “monitoring.”  Any Identity Theft Expert will tell you that monitoring is practically useless.  Why?  All monitoring does is inform you, that you are now a victim.  That is far too late.  You want someone to prevent you from becoming a victim in the first place!  That is what does best (for only $11-17/month).  If you see the words “monitoring,” save your money and don’t sign up.

In addition, almost all the companies out there only protect you from financial ID theft only.  That is about fifty percent of ID theft.  There is also:

  • Medical ID Theft
  • Child and Elderly ID Theft (up 35x since last year)
  • Tax Fraud (filing fake tax returns, etc.)
  • Benefits Fraud
  • Criminal ID Theft (getting arrested in your name)
  • Employment Fraud (a felon or an illegal getting a job in your name)
  • Social Security Fraud
  • Family Fraud

What is your monitoring service going to do about those.  I can tell you — nothing.  Make sure you get a service that (1) prevents (not monitors) identity theft and (2) covers ALL ID theft events; not just half of them.  Maybe you are not sure what they provide (understandably, as many companies blur the lines).  Watch out.  Many provide little to no protection.  Put them to the test:  Ask them these four questions:

(1)  Do you hire an attorney for me from Day One?  In order to ensure preventative services are provided (fraud alerts, credit freezes, extended fraud alerts, credit reports, etc.) they must hire an attorney for you, to act as your personal representative.  That is the law.  Don’t settle for “we’ll show you how to do it.”  No, that is their job.   If they say NO, move on.  They are really just a monitoring service pretending to be a prevention service.  Again, be very wary of any service touting monitoring.

(2)  Do you ensure that fraud alerts are put on my accounts every 90 days?  This is ID Theft 101.  Alerts are your main tool for blocking financial ID theft.  If they say NO, move on quickly.

(3)  Do you protect me from ALL ID theft events (Medical, Tax, [see above])?  Now, you may want to pay less and roll the dice on just covering yourself for financial ID theft.  That is fine and the most common ID theft worry.  But know you are taking the risk.  It is a cost/benefit analysis.  Total protection costs more (ours is $11 for financial and $17/month for total protection).  But the company should at least offer the protection if you want it.  If they do not, red flag, move on.  For example, we don’t make any profit on the additional $6 service (100% recovery services).  Really.  But we felt it was important enough to add anyway.  Sometimes doing the right thing is not profitable, but it’s the right thing to do.  Make sure your company has it.

(4)  Do you offer unlimited recovery services and assign a case worker to do ALL the work for me, if I ever get my identity stolen?  The FBI reports that you will spend 331 hours trying to clean up the mess that ID theft leaves behind.  You do not have time for that.  That is their job.  If they do not assign a case worker who does ALL (not part) of the work for you, move on.  Again this often costs a little more (as with our service) but it is worth it.  331 hours is a lot of time to lose.

At of the end of the day, we want to protect you and your families from ID theft.  That is our sole mission.  Whether you use us or a competitor is of lesser importance. We just want you to get protection.  You have a 1 in 3 chance each year of becoming a victim.  It will happen to you eventually.  You must have something to protect you this day and age.  Make sure that something is prevention, not monitoring, and that you will be covered in the event your ID is stolen.  There is no 100%.  So get full protection.  That is our advice.

Note: And no, your Credit Card Company and bank do not protect you from ID theft (just bank fraud).  They just protect that particular account from monetary loss; not your identity.  That idea is a very common misconception.


Identity theft can happen to you without you ever knowing it.   It can quickly spiral out of control.  Your identity can be misused to open bank accounts, commit medical scams, get a job (i.e., felons, illegal aliens), request loans and mortgages, document fake tax returns, and so and so on.  More than a million arrest warrants were issued for the wrong people last year due to identity theft.

People only realize that their identity has been stolen when they get a bill for an item they didn’t purchase, are denied loans, don’t get a job, or get arrested.   So what do you do?  Using a good identity theft prevention service (NOT “monitoring”) is extremely crucial. is the industry expert that offers comprehensive protection against identity theft. has over 200 years of combined law enforcement experience: investigating, tracking, prosecuting, and stopping identity theft rings.  The Identity Theft Protection Team has devoted their life to law enforcement and now brings that experience to the table when protecting you.  They understand what the victims experience and how damaging effects of this criminal offense can be.  They know how to best prevent it from happening; and fix it
if it has already happened. ensures the legal protections are put in place beforehand.  We provide a better service, from more experienced people, for less cost.  Our goal is that you never become an ID theft victim in the first place.  This is very different from the “monitoring” services.  They simply alert you by phone AFTER you have been victimized.  That is far too late.

And keep in mind – there is no such thing as 100%.  While we drastically reduce your chances of ever becoming a victim, there is still a chance you can become a victim.  If anyone tells you otherwise, they are not telling you the truth.

That is why we also provide 100% recovery services.  If you are ever a victim while with us, we will cover your losses up to 1 million dollars.  You will also get a case agent assigned to you.  They will make the calls, challenge the inaccuracies, and do whatever it takes to return you to pre-fraud status.

You will also be notified about the most popular scams and strategies.  We do this to keep you up to date and educated about common scams and ID theft in the public sector.

The process of identity theft protection starts by them hiring a private lawyer as a personal representative for you. According to your profile, the team (comprised of former law enforcement from: Police, FBI, U.S. Marshals, Police, Secret Service, and prosecutors), will recommend to your attorney what steps and actions need to be taken to protect your identity.  Those steps will be taken.  You also get put into the junk mail and telemarketing reduction programs.  Your junk mail will be reduced dramatically.  Telemarketers will not call you as often (some still violate the rules).  You will also receive 3 credit reports per year.  You will be protected and you will be taken care of.  That much we can promise you.