Former law enforcement officers and company founders - on protecting your identity

Texas Ranger
Texas Ranger: Co-Founder Terry Welch

Police: Co-Founder Kim Sanders

Frequently Asked Questions

How is different from other services?

Other ID services alert you AFTER your ID is stolen. We prevent it from happening at all.

What do I get with my enrollment?

You get comprehensive daily protection against identity theft including:

  • Legal Protections in Place Beforehand
  • Continuous Fraud Alerts
  • Credit Freeze/Thaw
  • Extended Fraud Alerts
  • Telemarketer Reduction Program
  • Attorney Representation
  • Former Law Enforcement Resources
  • Scam Alert
  • Identity Theft Insurance
  • 3 Credit Reports/Year
  • Junk Mail Reduction Program

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What is 100% Recovery Services?

You actually get a personal representative assigned to you to make the phone calls, challenge the fraudulent activity on your credit, sit on hold for hours on end, and restore you to pre-fraud status. On average, victims spend 331 hours on the phone rectifying credit theft; this protection means you don’t have to do that. In addition, in the rare case that you incur costs (legal fees, etc.), they are 100% covered. (It is unusual that you will ever have expenses recovering from identity theft since you are NOT legally responsible for any fraudulent charges.) Some of our competitors offer “million dollar guarantees” that are merely insurance policies with minimal coverage. They are great for marketing the company but not very dependable for covering you. Our 100% Recovery Service is the real deal.

Where do I call if I have more questions?

Give us a call anytime at 800-664-5936

Identity Theft Protection Resources
We’ve provided a list of national organizations to help educate and inform consumers regarding identity theft and prevention.
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