Our Mission is Simple: Identity Monitoring and Protection

My Story

As a former chief prosecutor, not a day went by that I did not get yet another identity theft case on my desk. The stories were awful. Wrongful arrests and incarcerations, ruined credit, bankruptcy, angry collection calls, lawsuits, repo men at their homes, lost business deals, denials of loans and insurance, lost job opportunities, and on and on. One lady was even wrongly arrested with her three children in the car and taken to jail. It took almost a week to sort out that someone had used her identity when they got arrested for another charge. Guess where she spent that time?

Identity Monitoring

It happens all too often. Criminals use your name and write fraudulent checks. They run up tens of thousands of dollars on credit cards. They steal your information, have a driver’s license made, and use it when they get arrested. One of my victims lost his loan on a new home. Another lady was forced into initial bankruptcy proceedings. And yet another woman did not get a job after they ran her credit. They gave it to someone else before it could get resolved. These criminals even target children and the elderly – as they are commonly unaware of what is on their credit. This does not even mention the aggravation and time it takes to deal with it – dozens of hours on the phone, on hold, people accusing you of lying, hiring a lawyer, affidavits you need to submit, and the like. Most victims of identity theft just give up, understandably.

Protect My Identity

I do not write this to scare you. It is simply reality and it is scary. These are all real victims and real people just like you or me. People do not think about identity monitoring until their information gets stolen. So, what can you do about it?

All too often I have heard normal people claim “I want to protect my identity” or “I need to protect my credit”, but they have no real means to go about it. And, that was perhaps one of the most aggravating parts. I could not tell any of my victims how to prevent it in the future, even if they already wanted to. There really was no good protection out there against it… until now.

Social Security Number Monitoring

Joining Together to Protect Your ID and Fight Identity Theft

The team at KeepMyIDs finally decided to change that reality, and we did just that—create a reliable way to protect your identity, now and in the future. I have pulled together a variety of experts in the field of law enforcement (all of whom had retired and moved into the private arena). And since doing so, I have found one thing in common… all of these people may have left their government jobs, but they have not lost their passion for protecting the public.

So we have joined forces: the former Head of the Organized Crime Section, an FBI agent, Secret Service agents, a U.S. Marshal, three highly seasoned detectives from the Texas Rangers and the Police Department, myself – a former Chief State Prosecutor –  and even the former United States Attorney. We all have something different to offer. And more importantly, everyone wants to do something about it. And who better to do it than us? After all, no one knows how to protect your ID better than we do. That is what this site and this service are all about. While no one can (truthfully) “guarantee” you will never be a victim, we can confidently say that we are your best option if you’re looking to “lock my credit report”, as well as other very common identification safety concerns.


The Truth About Identity Theft

Anyone who tells you they can protect you from Identity Theft completely is simply lying to you. Look no further than the recent national news. The Federal Trade Commission and former customers are suing their identity theft services for providing them with “million dollar guarantees.” These other services have little to no understanding of how this crime works, yet they are quick to offer you guarantees once you pay them. That is not our mission. We want you to know the truth about this crime.

The truth is that you cannot stop identity theft entirely. Period. It is impossible. But you can dramatically reduce your chances of being a victim. And that is why we created this program. And who better to do that than us? We know it. We lived it. We dedicated our lives to it. And we have captured and beat the criminals at their own game time and time again. Now we are using our experience to provide you with better services, such as identity theft protection, locked credit reports, social security number monitoring, and a whole bunch more.

Ready to protect your ID with identity monitoring you can trust? Contact us today to learn more about our services, or for general questions and comments.