Identity Theft Protection Plans – The Gold Standard in ID Security

At Keep My IDs, we offer a variety of identity theft protection plans to ensure that you receive the best protection for your specific needs. Our Gold Plans will help you monitor identity theft now and in the future, and provide you with all the tools you need to keep your accounts safe. Below, you’ll find information about our Gold Plan tiers so that you can find the coverage that’s best for you.


Individual Identity Theft Protection Plans

Our individual identity and credit protection plans provide you with EVERYTHING you’ll need for optimal security. These ID theft plans are perfect for any individual, including those with families. Enjoy benefits such as an attorney assigned to your case, continuous fraud alerts, three free credit reports per year, identity theft insurance, and a whole lot more.

If you wish to keep your personal records safe, check out the two subscription options that we offer to individuals:


For $29.99/month, the individual ID Theft Prevention plan will provide you with Gold Plan Protection, ensuring that your records and personal ID are kept safe and sound.

This convenient monthly ID theft plan is among our most popular, and is ideal for college students, single occupants, and even parents who share accounts with other family members.



We offer a yearly individual ID theft plan for $299.88/year, meaning you get our Gold Plan Protection without having to worry about recurring payments.

Save time and money by getting the protection you need for a full year, and enjoy constant benefits without having to re-up your subscription each month.


Identity Protection Family Plans

Keep My IDs offers identity and credit monitoring family plans to ensure that all of your relatives and loved ones can keep their personal information safe. These bundled plans cover every member of the family, making sure that all of their records are just as safe as your own.

Our identity protection family plan subscription options include:


Our monthly family plan is $74.99/month, and gives you and your loved ones thorough, convenient protection services.

Want to try out the benefits of our Gold Plan Protection before opting to the yearly subscription?

This monthly ID theft plan is the perfect way to experience what Keep My IDs has to offer.


At $849.00/year, you and your family can receive year-round ID and credit monitoring protection.

This is our best Identity Theft Protection family plan, as it ensures that your family is safe for a full year.

without having to re-subscribe each month for continued services.

Why is the KMID Gold Plan Important?

At Keep My IDs, our mission is to create a reliable way to protect you and your loved ones’ identity, now and in the future. We understand that identity theft cannot be stopped entirely, but its likelihood can be dramatically reduced with the proper services and actions.

For that reason, we have dedicated a massive amount of time and effort to provide you with convenient services, such as identity theft protection, locked credit reports, social security number monitoring, and much more.

For more information regarding our ID theft plans or other services, contact Keep My IDs today.