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Identity Theft Protection: Protect Your Identity with

Do I really need to worry about ID theft? Using someone’s Personally Identifiable Information (PII) — name, address, contact number, credit card, etc. – is the most basic type of identity theft. It’s what people do with it that amounts to fraud. It is the unlawful use of your personal data to commit any crime or illegal act that now plagues our society. It happens about 11 million times a year. It is the #1 crime in America and is growing every year. If you plan on living for more than 3 years, you will probably experience it first hand. Why? Because it is so easy to do. Almost everyone can be victimized by these identity thieves. Quit waiting to protect yourself. Do it today. Your PII is available on the Internet. I can find your social security number, driver’s license number, date-of-birth, address, former address, and much more in under five minutes. No problem. Celebrities, billionaires, sports stars, and the average person – everyone is exposed. This fact is so because of the developments in modern technology. You, my friend, are on the Internet whether you like it or not. So protecting your identity has become critical — as the odds are 1 in 3 each year. What should you do?

Get an identity theft prevention service (not a monitoring service) AND get recovery services if you want total protection. That is the simple answer. Anyone worth their salt will tell you to avoid monitoring services. They are almost useless. is NOT a monitoring service. We are an $11/month prevention service. We also offer 100% recovery services if you want them (for $6 more). So what is keepmyID all about? Identity theft is a fact of life. You are going to have to deal with. It is awful. That is just all there is to it. Finding the right identity theft company does not have to be painful. It’s inexpensive and there are a lot of steps you can take to protection yourself. is the ONLY ID theft company that prevents ID theft and provides 100% recovery services. They cover ALL ID theft – not just financial ID theft. Financial ID theft is 51% of ID theft. Other companies only cover that – not medical ID theft, tax fraud, criminal liability, benefits fraud, or child ID theft.

keepmyID’s founders have over two hundred years of law enforcement experience. They have studied the crime from the inside, arrested the criminals, and defended identity theft victims. They have dedicated their lives to law enforcement and know first-hand how devastating the consequences of this crime can be. They teamed up with one goal in mind: to offer the best ID theft protection one can find. The company is made up of former law enforcement agents whose sole purpose is to protect your identity.

keepmyID ensures you have regular fraud alerts (or credit freezes or extended fraud alerts) on all your accounts at all times, which blocks a thief from opening a new account in your name. The new account is applied for, the application will be kept on hold until your identity is verified. keepmyID also provides you with three credit reports per year. Using these reports, customers can find out if their identity has been compromised in the past or if there are any errors on the person’s credit (as most times there are). Also, customers will be enrolled into their Junk Mail and Telemarketer Reduction Programs. These programs will help in keeping the personal information private and it will also drastically reduce the number of calls, texts, and junk mail that the person receives. The list goes on and on. Literally, there is a long list of all the services you will receive at Visit the website to find out more. There are also many articles, tips, and information for free that will help you immensely.

There is no such thing as 100% prevention…so what do we do if you are victimized? We provide 100% recovery services: up to 1 million dollars ($1,000,000) in coverage and a dedicated case worker to restore you to pre-fraud status (sit on hold, make the calls, challenge the fraud – all so you do not have to). They do ALL the work for you. Through all of these different services, keepmyID helps to protect your identity and further teaches their customers on the different preventive measures that they need to take to ensure protection from identity thieves. Go look for an equivalent. You will not find one. We are the best identity theft protection service on the market. Period.