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Every 4 seconds, there is another victim of identity theft. It is the fastest growing crime in the United States. Ten million people will become victims of identity theft this year alone.

Insurance Identity Theft

Everyone buys car insurance, flood insurance, and fire insurance for their home. But no one does anything to protect their identity. The chances of an actual fire in your home are 1/728. In contrast, your chances of becoming a victim of identity theft are over 100 times more likely – 1 in 3. The simple math reveals the truth: you will most likely be a victim of identity theft.

KeepMyIDs is a well known identity theft protection agency in the USA. We’re well experienced and professionals in protecting your identity. Enroll today for the best identity protection service in the USA from

What We Offer—Learn How To Lock Your Credit & Prevent Identity Theft

Comprehensive Daily Protection Against Identity Theft:

STEP ONE: ID Theft Protection and Prevention Program

Five legal theft protections are put in place:

Continuous Fraud Alerts

Looking to protect credit? We get asked how all the time. With our theft protection services, fraud alerts are placed on all of your credit profiles every 90 days, so no one (except you) can open a new account in your name. If a new account is applied for, the application will be temporarily blocked until your identity is verified. That verification process ONLY OCCURS if there is a fraud alert in place. To keep this safeguard in place, new fraud alerts must be placed on all your credit profiles every 90 days. According to FBI statistics, this step alone will reduce your chances of identity theft by over 80%. Almost ALL identity theft companies just “monitor” your accounts. They do not put fraud alerts on your accounts. But KeepMyID provides total Identity and Credit Protection, helping you protect credit now and in the future.

Theft Protection

Three Free Credit Reports

Each year you will receive three free credit reports to help further protect your credit numbers. An important part of knowing if your identity has been stolen is reviewing your credit reports. By receiving these each year, you will know if your ID has been compromised in the past. You will also know if there are mistakes on your credit negatively affecting your credit score. If your identity has been compromised we will walk you through the proper steps to get it resolved. We will also show you how to correct any mistakes in your credit report, and lock your credit if need be. (note: We are not a credit repair agency).

Junk Mail Reduction

You will automatically be enrolled in our junk mail reduction program. Depending on the credit agency, you must be added to the “No” list for pre-approved credit offers and solicitations every 60 days. Similar to fraud alerts, this service must be reinitiated or it expires. Stealing pre-approved credit offers is one of the primary ways people steal your ID. This step will also drastically reduce the amount of junk mail you receive while working to protect credit numbers from scammers.

Identity and Credit Protection

Telemarketer Reduction

You will automatically be enrolled in our telemarketer reduction program. All the numbers you provide in the sign up process will be placed on the national do not call registry for cellular and home telephones. This step keeps your information more private and drastically reduces the number of telemarketing calls you will receive. This is regarded as one of our best identity theft and social security protection services.

Theft Protection

Identity Theft Insurance

In the unfortunate event that your identity is stolen, we have an insurance identity theft policy in place to cover certain losses that you may incur.

STEP TWO: ID Theft Prevention – Training Resources From the Experts

Identity Theft 101 – There are dozens of precautions you can take to decrease your chances of being a victim. As a member of, each customer is taught the preventative measures to take for identity and credit protection. You will receive the latest identity theft training and materials from the foremost experts in the field. You will be alerted to the most common scams and schemes. All of this information will be available through our online resource center.


This year the average victim of identity theft will spend over 330 hours trying to resolve the damage done, and they will spend $1,378 in out-of-pocket expenses.

The good news is that this crime is highly preventable if you have the proper identity theft protection safeguards in place. Taking these steps can reduce your chances of identity theft by 80-90%. For these reasons, it is essential to subscribe to identity theft prevention services. offers identity theft prevention programs and services throughout the U.S. We also provide identity theft training from well-trained experts, available to clients in our various programs. For more information regarding the services we offer, or for general questions or comments, contact us today.