Former law enforcement officers and company founders - on protecting your identity

Texas Ranger
Texas Ranger: Co-Founder Terry Welch

Police: Co-Founder Kim Sanders

The founders of have over 200 years of law enforcement experience

Founders of

*Former: Special Agent: FBI, Special Agents: Secret Service, U.S. Marshal: U.S. Marshal’s Service, Senior Detective: Texas Rangers, Senior Detectives: Police Department, Chief State Prosecutor: District Attorney’s Office, Section Chief: Head of the Organized Crime Division, Federal Prosecutor: The United States Attorney

We have over 200 years of combined experience in investigating, studying, arresting, and prosecuting identity theft rings, identity theft monitoring services. We have dedicated our lives to law enforcement. Now we bring that experience to you. We know what victims go through and how devastating the effects of this crime can be. That is why we joined together to provide the best protection on the market. is a best identity theft protection company and consultant in USA. We provide end to end identity theft solutions and protect you from identity theft.

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