Why You Need Fraud Protection Services

At KeepMyIDs, we’re not afraid to tell customers the hard facts when it comes to fraud protection services. Every four seconds, there is another victim of identity theft. It is the fastest growing crime in the United States. Ten million people will become victims of identity theft this year alone.

These startling statistics can paint a picture, but they don’t tell the whole story. Primarily because identity theft protection is not commonly regarded as something we need. People have a 1 in 728 chance of a house fire breaking out in their homes, and nearly everyone has insurance for that. Yet there’s a 1 in 3 chance for ID Theft, often leaving individuals with an array of devastating consequences. The simple math reveals the truth: there is a significant chance you could be a victim of identity theft in your lifetime.

While these numbers can certainly be a cause for alarm, what many don’t realize is that viable protection from identity theft is possible. In fact, KeepMyIDs has made it our mission to do just that—provide reliable, convenient, and real deal identity theft monitoring services to give people the safety they need.

Top Rated Identity Theft Monitoring Services

KeepMyIDs is a well known identity theft protection agency in the USA. Our team of experienced professionals will do everything in our power to protect your identity, whether we need to lock your credit or identify information leaks on the web.

Enroll in our Gold Plan Protection today to receive benefits that include:

Fraud Alerts

Home Title Theft

Three Free Credit

Junk Mail &

Identity Theft
Insurance Coverage

This year the average victim of identity theft will spend over 330 hours trying to resolve the damage done, and they will spend $1,378 in out-of-pocket expenses.

The good news is that this crime is highly preventable if you have the proper identity theft protection safeguards in place.

Taking the necessary steps to get the protection you need can reduce your chances of identity theft by 80-90%.

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